Versatile, musically convenient and groovy: these three attributes describe the Viennese bassist Raphael Leitner. Above all, the fact that he’s musically convenient plays a major role in his occupation as a musician: Raphael Leitner always plays exactly what the specific musical style requires – either as a double bass player in a Rockabilly-Trio, in a Jazz combo, or as an electric bassist in a Hard-Rock or Top 40 Cover Band. Perfect timing and groove are self-evident for him.


Through his versatility, Raphael Leitner impresses musicians from many different genres. “Playing with him is always a pleasure because I know that I can totally rely on him”, explains guitarist Anton Korenjak. “Raphael Leitner has a first-class sense for music. He doesn’t play what he could – he plays what the song requires. He’s a sensitive and reliable sideman – for all styles of music.”


Who works together with Raphael Leitner – no matter if in a studio or live on stage – gets the proper base and groove for their project through his sensitivity and bass sound. Due to many years of experience, he plays with unshakable precision and a highly reliable sense of style. This is also a result of Raphael Leitner’s education at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien and the Kärntner Landeskonservatorium (Bachelor of Arts Jazz-Bass and Master of Arts Education with excellent results).


Sabine Miesgang (SLAM Alternative Music Magazine)


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